Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Importance Of A Harmonious World An Internship At...

A harmonious world does not require one single tune. People simply need to listen and accept differences while not holding themselves steadfast in their beliefs. I aspire to help orchestrate such a world symphony. My academic and extracurricular activities will help me engineer societal progression, as they have developed my problem solving skills and ability to connect to different cultures. My AP Biology and AP Chemistry classes ignited an intense scientific curiosity that drove me to create an internship at Yale University’s Flavell Lab this past summer. The lab s researchers work with transgenic mice to study immunity, hoping to trigger responses that fight cancerous cells. Their work is every bit as exhilarating as I could have hoped. The experience of seeing actual applications of techniques like western blotting and flow cytometry brought about the revelation that I could use my mathematical and scientific talents to solve problems that exist outside of textbooks. This realization created an insatiable yearning to eliminate real world problems which far outweigh those of my multivariable calculus textbook in both number and importance. My academic achievements and experience at the Flavell Lab will help me be able to cross off items on my problem hit list. However, proficiency in calculus and chemistry alone is insufficient for finding scientific solutions to promote a harmonious world. Connection between disciplines is essential for society and for the smaller

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