Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Response paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Response paper - Essay Example The entire discussion would have ceased to exist and this would have meant serious problems for the debate that stems here. Since God is all-powerful, all-knowing and completely concerned with justice and the well-being of human beings, He knows for sure what men and women would ideally want within their lives and how the same should be given to them – either abundantly or in scarce capacity. The dictum that surrounds around this philosophy is one which points out the suffering and evil which has started to make waves for all the wrong reasons. Ideally this was something that should have been avoided yet the same does not happen because individuals hailing from any society of the world are bound to go wrong in their actions, behaviors and the thinking ideologies that exist within their aegis. If God created all the good things on this earth, He surely created the wrongdoings and evil as well. He knew it beforehand that man would have to choose on his own which route to adopt a nd which way forward is his success destined. This is in line with the understanding that God has been kind to everyone and gives His people a chance to showcase who they truly are and how they can represent their best selves to their maximum possible levels. My friend is acting as the devil’s advocate and is defending the notion that evil has been made present because it is an opposing force and acts parallel with God, which for me is simply an unacceptable entity. This is because I do not see any other being to be as powerful or even coming anywhere close to how God performs on a daily basis (Peterson, 1998). There could be high-tech robots in place, superficial structures and evil factories giving their best, but there cannot be another God in this world. It has to be felt in a much higher stead to make sure that evil is there of God’s own making and not

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