Sunday, February 9, 2020

U.S Departments of Justice versus Eight Cigarette Companies Assignment

U.S Departments of Justice versus Eight Cigarette Companies - Assignment Example In addition, they stood accused of luring thousands of children to start smoking by producing enticing adverts that did not have risks attached to them. Furthermore, the companies were accused of making money illegally through unscrupulous means and hence should return their profits made since 1953 to the U.S government. According to the information provided, the tobacco companies stood accused of breaching their duty to care. In as much as they had reports of research conducted in the 1950’s about the dangers of cigarette smoking, they still went ahead to market their products to consumers, created a chance to get children to smoke, and make more people addicted to the product which eventually led to deaths related to cigarette smoking (Ellet 27). By breaching their duty to care for their consumers, the companies were supposed to be sued. In the duty to exercise care, a company is required to take measures which should prevent injury or damages resulting from the use of their products. According to the US government, they sued the 8 cigarette companies since they were aware of the risks of smoking cigarettes, yet went ahead to market them. The solution, in this case, will be to ensure that the 8 companies use the amount gained through unscrupulous ways to promote the public on the dangers of smoking (Ellet 89). The government in a bid to protect the citizens from deaths caused by advertisements which are misleading wanted to give back to the people what they had lost. A lot of American citizens had been misled by their adverts since 1953 by encouraging the use of smoking and attributing it to not cause lung cancer. The US government is suing the cigarette companies was supposed to make sure that such practices are not carried out.  

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